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I've had some great entries for the skunk contest - thank you all for entering! I've been finding it difficult to narrow down to just three entries for the finalists' poll (I briefly considered having everyone send me a note to vote for their top two... but I would have had to set a deadline for that and everyone would have been very annoyed if the process had been drawn out even more).

Here are the entries:

<da:thumb id="428183128"/><da:thumb id="428115728"/> Skunk by CindarellaPop

Mature Content

Skunk by Horresco
Skunk Stamp by Loserberry Peach the Misfit Skunk by MapleSyrupClouds
A Passing Fancy by AuraGrave A Skunk By Any Other Name :Contest Entry: by Missvirginia A SKUNK! by Mr-Pink-Rose
<da:thumb id="430108136"/> Entry for ToySkunk's Contest by Eyad-mangafreak I am a skunk! by WiccanWT
.CE. Sometimes I Wonder... by deerpuff Skunk contest entry by thatonenerdybroad Contest - Skunk Time! by LalaLiliLalaLii
Nega-Skunk by JessicaDunn Contest entry for ToySkunk by WerewolfPTStudios skunk. by purenai
Skunky by Theeroos

I've created a poll here where you can vote for the final winner from the top three:…

I'll wait 48 hours for votes to come in, so be quick! :iconskunklaplz:

Again, I found it very difficult to pick just three, so I'm going to put out another journal to discuss not only the winner, but every entry, because I enjoyed seeing them all. :D Good luck to the three finalists and happy voting!


I made a poll to enquire about whether you would like to have the deadline extended for the contest... and so far (at the time of this update) I have 4 people saying that they would like a deadline extension and 5 people saying that they would find it unfair if there was a deadline extension (I was aware that this opinion might be issued, hence why it was included in the poll).

Sooo... ermm... I'm not really sure what to do here with an alllllllmost (almost) 50/50 opinion, as I really don't want to be unfair to anyone. Obviously there was one more person voting negatively than positively, but the numbers are so small that I don't want to let down any individual voters. I was going to extend the deadline an extra week, but I don't want to be unfair to the people who voted negatively, so I'm going to compromise (... sort of) and extend the deadline by only 48 hours, and also suggest that you submit even unfinished work so that I can see it. :D So if you just have a sketch or something vague, please let me still take a little look at it!

This is the best compromise I can think of, and I suspect that it's just going to annoy people on both sides rather than satisfy anyone (i.e... I still haven't given you much extra time to work with... but I have certainly extended the deadline :doh:). But it's the best that I can do with a poll that is quite weighted on both sides (which I wasn't expecting!).

Sorry about that! Next time I do a contest, I'll make it longer, but I won't change the date at all. Your new deadline is:

22:00 (GMT) 4th Feb 2014

Win 3 months premium membership!

Since my giveaway the other week was such a success, I thought I'd do something new... but this time I'm upping the stakes a little. :dummy: I don't want to bore you all witless by always doing giveaways, because that means that it's all left down to chance. This time, it's going to be a contest! :D Only a little one to start with, we'll see how it goes and in the future I might do bigger ones (watch me if you want to be updated on such journals - also I will give you a llama, how lovely :dummy:)

What do I have to do?

:star:Art me a skunk!:star:

If you hadn't guessed, I quite like skunks.

Skunky Pixel by ToySkunk Spirit: Skunk of the Cimarron by ToySkunk Skunky Painting by ToySkunk

So what I'd like to ask you to do for this contest is to draw a skunk. Or sculpt a skunk. Or any other art-media-you-can-think-of a skunk. Or even photograph a skunk (if you have one to hand... I have two in my house, but I don't suppose many of you will, so probably stick with representing one in some other artistic medium, yeah? I don't want anyone getting sprayed by chasing wild skunks around with a camera).

This is a visual contest, because I find it really difficult to compare literature and poetry to visual art.

How long do I have?

This is only a little contest, with a relatively small prize, so this contest will be only a fortnight long. That means that the deadline is:

:star: 22:00 (GMT) 4th Feb 2014 :star:

How do I enter?

:star:Art me a skunk, submit it as a deviation, then comment in this journal with the link to the deviation!:star:

Only one entry per person, please! Make as many edits as you like to the entry - as long as it's before the deadline. And please don't note me with the link to your submission - just comment in this journal. Notes have the potential to either scare me or make me think that people want to commission me, and I will get too excitable, which will make my sleeping schedule go all funny.

What about the judging?

I'll pick my top three, then make a poll and you guys can pick the ultimate winner. :dummy: In the future, if I do bigger contests, I'll hand all the voting power over to you folks so you'll have a chance to vote on all of the entries. But this one is only a small contest with a very specific subject, and I am highly qualified to judge skunks (honest). So I'll choose three!

What do I win, again?

The final winner gets a 3 month premium subscription. Runners up (the other two I pick for the poll) will get 100 points each, too!

The 200 point runners up prize has been kindly donated by silk824! Thank you :hug:

Any other rules?

:bulletred: Please no mature content, i.e. no skunks with weird genital emphasis or giant leaky boobies or suchlike (anthro is fine, just... just, you know what I mean. No giant nipple action or anything plz). I have pet skunks and they're my babies and that kind of art will make me sad.
:bulletred: Visual art only please, I'm really really sorry :noes: But I cannot compare a poem and a painting. I sorry!!!
:bulletred: The art must be done by you. No stealing art!
:bulletred: I might add more rules if something comes up as a frequently asked question but right now I am too dumb to think of any more problems or misunderstandings that may occur as a result of this competition

Wait you have skunks in your house?

Yes. They like broccoli and blueberries.

Skunkytime3 by ToySkunk Skunkytime2 by ToySkunk

If you want more reference pictures of skunks, I uploaded loads of my two here!

See the entries here:…

What else have you been doing?

I drew a page of mustelids:

Mustelids+Mephitidae by ToySkunk

I'm still sewing this horrendously complex thing:

Closeup of thingy by ToySkunk

The Points Giveaway is over and the winner is...

Randomgiveaway by ToySkunk

NyanOwloo !!!

Congratulations, NyanOwloo, I'll send you your 250 points right now. :D
P.S. The number selected was truly random, but I didn't realise that dA doesn't list faves according to date or even alphabetical order - it appears to be completely random, too? No matter which way deviantART lists faves, though, please rest assured that the random number generator could have picked any of you as the winner. If you're wondering, the max number I put into the random number generator was correct at the time that I did it, I think some people may have faved this journal after the deadline time, which is why the fave number is now higher!!

I will definitely be running more of these in the future, and contests too, so that it's not always just a case of blind luck, but skill, humour, etc - so everyone's got a chance. :D I realise that there were a lot of participants in this (more than I was expecting!) and I'm sorry that I can't give you all a prize, but do keep an eye out, there will be more opportunities.

Please do watch me (if you like!) so that you can keep a lookout for future journals about giveaways, contests etc. :)

And you'll get a llama too! :la:

Other things that are happening or have happened

Mustelids and Mephitidae by ToySkunk

I sketched some mustelids and mephitidae at hospital

Dollies by ToySkunk
I uploaded some traditional work. This is an abnormal occurrence because I am deeply fussy about what goes in my gallery. :(

Ilqualme by ToySkunk
I do commissions and stuff if you're interested. Here is one.

Geometric Waistcoat WIP by ToySkunk

And I am sewing this geometric thing that is made up of millions and millions (okay... exaggeration - it's actually hundreds and hundreds) of pieces. Whyyyy

Also I just changed my username :fear:

I used to be Foxbane. And now I am ToySkunk. 

Because I chose 'Foxbane' when I was like... 13... as an internet username.

It's now 10 years later. I'm 23.
And keeping a username that you thought was cool when you were 13 is just sad.
'ToySkunk' might also be sad. But don't burst my bubble. It's stuck there for at least 6 months.
I've been invited there for a visit in March to show people I can sew and stuff.

I'll show you exactly what I'm making... when I've made it! Being invited has taken me completely by surprise and I'm thrilled. But I have some big goals to reach first.

Clue: it's going to be fluffy!
So, Nebunezzari got my 250,000th pageview, and as promised here are featured pieces with terrible captions (as suggested I've only featured three considering the small gallery, but I had a hard time choosing)!

Galaxy by Nebunezzari Look at this horse, this horse is amazing - give it a lick, MMM, IT TASTES JUST LIKE EVERYTHING THAT EVER EXISTED
Winter by Nebunezzari Winter is coming, and Nebunezzari would like to rub it in. I had hypothermia once, you know. :(
Fabled by Nebunezzari This horse wins the 'Most Impractical Steed' prize. Many have tried to ride it, only to be repeatedly buffeted in the face by its wings.

And, since only Pokey-Bunny had a go at Photoshopping my page in an Amusing Manner, Pokey-Bunny gets a feature too:

Broken DollWatch me smile,
Like the broken doll I am.
Lovely and shattered,
You could fix me if you like,
But each crack will show.
Or you could throw me away,
Why waste such work,
On a toy that will never be the same?
But what's that you say?
To you I still hold worth,
Put me together then,
So you can shatter me once more.
This is why children's toys are now made of brightly coloured plastic, not porcelain.

Lunatic CircusA circus in town is greeted with joy,
Parents are begged by their girls and boys,
But nobody notices the music’s off tune,
Nobody senses the incoming doom.
So eager. So impatient. Hours early and yet still full. Line after line, guided along by helpful policemen leading the cars. And outcome the children, laughing and shouting, running ahead, ignoring their parents calling.   At the entrance they’re greeted by the ringmaster himself, smirking and laughing, giving coupons to all.
“Come in, come in. Welcome to the circus, make sure you get some cotton candy! Where are your parents? Wait for them here, after all you’re going to want your family near.”
The parents catch up, and claim their kids, then go off to see the animals, lions, elephants, and zebras. Time passes, snack are gotten, and the show begins, everyone heads into the crowded, slightly tattered tent.
The beginning, everything bright and cheery, the ringmaster shouting “Introducing!
Thank you for perpetuating my fear of clowns.

<da:thumb id="391307721"/> A great little story about that one guy who always considers it his duty to be a third wheel. Threesomes: they're complicated, man.
As you know, I'm giving a journal feature and strange critiques to the person who screenshots my 250,000th pageview! However, for anyone who doesn't manage to grab the screenshot, I'm giving you another chance to win an, erm... fabulous, covetable prize... details below!

Unfortunately, I can't offer you a kiriban picture whatsit because I only work for money... but if you DO get my 250kth pageview, I will do the following:

Bullet; Red Choose 5 pieces from your gallery to feature in my journal

Bullet; Red Provide amusing captions for these featured pieces even if the picture is not supposed to be amusing - sorry

Bullet; Red I will provide constructive criticism/sarcastic, sugar coated lies (your choice) on said 5 pieces of art if the art requires no constructive criticism I will provide sarcastic, sugar coated truths. Or even lies if you really want. Like I could tell you how amazing the colour is when you clearly haven't used colour. Or how much I like the dog when there isn't a dog.

How can you possibly turn that down? I am a dummy!

If you get said pageview, screenshot it and upload it to your scraps or, then note me a link

:icondummyplz: If, on the other hand, you don't manage to grab the screenshot, or you know that your internet connection is juddery at best and that there's no point trying, you have another chance. I'll be giving a 3-deviation feature/delightful critique or sugar coated lies session to the most amusing Photoshopped screenshot of my profile page.

So, in essence, I suppose I want you to Photoshop my page really badly and make me laugh. It doesn't have to be a 'convincing' screenshot at all (and in fact, I'd rather it wasn't, or I will only end up confusing it with the 'real' 250k screenshot!).

If you want to have a go at that, screenshot my page, graffiti it, upload it to your scraps or then post a link in this journal (don't note me it, I'm a lot more likely to get dozens of these!!!)

So there you go, two chances. If you get the real 250k pageview, note me about it. If you want to graffiti my page for another chance to win a deeply dubious prize, tell me about it in the comments here!

For the 'real' screenshot, well, that will happen when it happens. However, for the 'Photoshopped' section, you have 48 hours to show me your photomanipulations. The deadline is Sunday at 9:30am (GMT). But if it's a bit late, there's a possibility I might not get out of bed that early anyway, so I might let you off.
So, I'm finally clearing out my gallery. Well, what's happening is that I'm moving a lot of things into my scraps folder that really don't need to be in my main gallery anymore... and I'm finally going to actually delete the 'stored' deviations that have been making my gallery look like it's got enormous, ugly potholes in it, and which have caused a few people ask why they're there, etc etc. Truth is that stored deviations never used to be a problem back in the mists of the past, because they just didn't show up at all. But NOPE, along came one update and instead you get some kind of weird placeholder instead. I used to use the storage system in order to preserve comments that I might want to read again on deviations that I no longer wanted to have in my gallery, but it's not worth it if it's going to create ugly placeholders that will annoy people who are browsing my work. Also, I've looked back at some of the old pictures and... yeah. I don't want to see these again.

However, for your amusement, I am going to provide one last look at some of these, erm... interesting first deviations here. I think you will agree that they are beautiful and far, far better than my current work. Cough.

First up... ANATOMY ABOUND! It's one of my very first pixel things, from about 9 years ago! AND IT'S HORRENDOUS:

Dusky by ToySkunk


Next up! It's... oh good grief. No. I can't do it. Sorry. That one is all you're getting. And you're not getting it for very long either. :iconexcaliburfaceplz:

Anyway, as the title suggests, I was also going to ask about tutorials. Basically I hate the sight of my old ones, but I've run a poll on this before and everyone insisted that they were fabulous (are you all drunk?) and that I keep them... or update them. The tutorials have been a source of angst for me for many years because I don't get any income from them, or rather attention towards my other work from them... but I do like to help out and the old techniques I show in my ancient-history tutorials are actually embarrassing. So, just to put it out there:

If I WERE to do another tutorial, what would you want to see?


This beautiful, not to be missed (cough) 250,000th pageview whatsit is still going on by the way!

As you can see, I have fewer than 1000 pageviews to go before I reach 250,000!

Unfortunately, I can't offer you a kiriban picture whatsit because I only work for money... but if you DO get my 250kth pageview, I will do the following:

Bullet; Red  Choose 5 pieces from your gallery to feature in my journal

Bullet; Red  Provide amusing captions for these featured pieces even if the picture is not supposed to be amusing - sorry

Bullet; Red  I will provide constructive criticism/sarcastic, sugar coated lies (your choice) on said 5 pieces of art if the art requires no constructive criticism I will provide sarcastic, sugar coated truths. Or even lies if you really want. Like I could tell you how amazing the colour is when you clearly haven't used colour. Or how much I like the dog when there isn't a dog.

How can you possibly turn that down? I am a dummy!

If you get said pageview, screenshot it and upload it to your scraps, then send me a link!
As you can see, I have fewer than 1000 pageviews to go before I reach 250,000!

Unfortunately, I can't offer you a kiriban picture whatsit because I only work for money... but if you DO get my 250kth pageview, I will do the following:

:bulletred:  Choose 5 pieces from your gallery to feature in my journal

:bulletred:  Provide amusing captions for these featured pieces even if the picture is not supposed to be amusing - sorry

:bulletred:  I will provide constructive criticism/sarcastic, sugar coated lies (your choice) on said 5 pieces of art if the art requires no constructive criticism I will provide sarcastic, sugar coated truths. Or even lies if you really want. Like I could tell you how amazing the colour is when you clearly haven't used colour. Or how much I like the dog when there isn't a dog.

How can you possibly turn that down? :dummy:

If you get said pageview, screenshot it and upload it to your scraps, then send me a link!

In other news, I just removed about a bazillion gazillion (okay, not that many, but it was in the thousands - MANY THOUSANDS) things from my inbox. I am very, very sorry about the vast swathes of comments I didn't reply to. I realised when I was replying to some comments that some people posted on one of my deviations a WHOLE YEAR AGO (and they were by no means the oldest ones in there) that I was starting to develop what we might call Problems. So I deleted all of them, so I can't send weird, out of context replies to you anymore. :blush:

ThirteenWords. Only different.

Wed Aug 7, 2013, 8:54 AM
So, I decided that this thirteen word story beginning thingummy thing would be cool to try and the skin is quite pretty and cute, so here you go.

Only let's make it a bit different from a story. Let's make it a game. Everyone submits thirteen words per comment to continue this 'narrative' (of sorts), but the last four words must be in the format 'I -blank- -blank- because...'

The person that follows has 9 words to describe why they 'blank blank'. Let's provide some examples!

"This is space filler for the example to follow. I hate jeans because..."

"... they make me feel I am not human shaped. I eat beans because..."

"... they're a musical fruit and they make me toot. I troll forums because..."

Got it? Let me start you off. Remember, thirteen words. You get nine words to explain why you 'blank blank', and four words to start off the next person's comment!

"This is not really a story but never mind. I am happy because..."

Life stuff. Also open for commissions

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 1:31 AM
Hi all,

Long time, no updates!

I finally graduated from my fashion design course (or at least, my ceremony is tomorrow!). I received a 1st class degree with honours. :excited:

The expenditure on my collection and current job hunt means that I am very much in need of funds. Therefore, I have decided to open commissions again and would be delighted if anyone is interested. Most of what you will see in my gallery is digital painting, which is a time consuming and necessarily pricey type of artwork to commission from me. I really can't do anything like that for less than 75 for a figure with a basic background, and 150+ for a more in depth picture. I realise that this is outside of most people's budgets (though if anyone is interested, please let me know). However, I am going to have to do a little bit of 'selling out' and start uploading some crowd pleasing examples of styles that are a little more wallet-friendly. Stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, if you have any ideas, do let me know.

I am still feeling like I don't even want to look at my sewing machines again for a while thanks to my course, but I also plan to start selling craft products at some point soon. I'll be delving into the world of cuddly toy manufacture, as well as garments and accessories. For anyone interested, I'm most likely going to be selling a few real fur accessories, including tanuki and coyote tails, which are left over from me entering a fur design contest this year. I also have a leather sewing machine and have every intention of producing leather accessories in the future, if anyone is interested.

Please let me know if you have any ideas. I want to get back into freelance work again and I have had some great experiences working with dA folks, and would love to pick that up where I left off.

Hope you're having a great summer!

M x

This had better be worth it

Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 11:08 PM
I have probably spent around 2000 this year on my uni final collection. :lmao: What a terrible thought...

Hurrrr my face is on a website

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 8, 2013, 2:17 PM… That's me!!

... I still await the results of the competition. :( I'm terrified every time I get an email

Mislabeled Fur

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 3, 2013, 3:51 PM
As many of you folks know, I use real fur in my garment designs and I am a finalist in the BFTA fur design contest. From looking at some of my deviations, a lot of you know that I am keen to source fur from places where strict policies are in place regarding the production of fur, under the Origin Assured scheme. Where this is not possible, I source by product fur (i.e. rabbit). But I'm not going to go into that in great depth here because you're all sick of hearing about it.

I'll talk about this instead: whenever I find that the media has picked up on a new (or revisited) issue involving fur, I'm afraid it has reached the point where I simply must take it with a grain of salt. The current issue surrounds real fur that has been labelled as faux fur in various department stores (mentioned brands include Neiman Marcus, Century 21 etc.) A particular designer who has been mentioned is Marc Jacobs, and I have seen news articles over the past few weeks discuss the fact that raccoon dog fur in Marc Jacobs clothing has been labelled as fake. This, of course, should not be happening.

However, it was particularly interesting to note that as various news websites continued to report on this mislabeled fur, the species name "raccoon dog" was eventually abbreviated by some to "dog". It is difficult to tell whether this merely indicates an honest mistake and lack of familiarity with the species, or whether this is a deliberate attempt to make the issue more emotionally charged for readers. Quotes on such news websites even mention the fact that Marc Jacobs has pet dogs, and question how he could use dog fur for his designs.

Certainly, the raccoon dog is a canid - but so is the fox and the coyote, and we do not call the hides of these animals "dog fur". I don't think that anyone can deny that when we see the word "dog", we think of our pet spaniel or labrador - suddenly, the public starts to believe that the remains of people's pets are lurking within the garments at the local department store.

I believe that fur should be correctly labelled. I also believe that the industry should be as transparent as possible, and should promote Origin Assured fur that is imported from regulated countries. I don't think that fur will ever lose its stigma with the entire population, but practices should be promoted to make people who are happy to use other animal products confident in the production of fur.

However, if complaints are going to be made, and justly so, about the correct labeling of fur in garments, then I also think that species in question should be correctly identified in newspapers. Inclusion of any evidence is a bonus!

If anyone desperately wants to read my blog thing where I ramble more about this sort of stuff, it's here:

Fur contest - I'm a finalist!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 2:29 PM
I'm a finalist in the BFTA fur fashion design contest!!!

:la: :la: :la: :la: :la:

I'm such a late adopter of stuff

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 22, 2013, 3:42 AM
:lmao: I've been on dA for 8 years and have been a premium member for about as long... and ONLY NOW have I started to see the benefit of groups and widgets like my slideshow doodad over there. :dummy:

Now I can show off my old digital paintings, since I don't have time to do new ones now. :happycry: One day... one day...

A rant about deviantART's new commissions widget

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 28, 2012, 1:20 AM
:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:


Don't know what I'm talking about? Here are the details in ikazon's journal:…

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

Right, have you read all that then?

This is currently available as a widget only to Beta testers, but by the looks of what it says in the journal, other members can still request commissions from Beta testers.

Why is this widget a problem?
Look closer: Artists can track their Commission transactions and generate real profit through My Earnings, garnering 80% royalty on each transaction.

80% royalty. 80% royalty.
This means that deviantART will be taking 20% of whatever you earn using this widget. This is a massive transaction fee - think about Etsy, a service which only charges 3.5% of each transaction, and also offers many more features, including a better marketing platform.

However, this isn't my only or main gripe with the widget. My main gripe is that there is also a cap on how much you can earn from a single transaction on this site (I believe that according to other users who have looked into it, you also can't have different amounts for different commissions either, so forget it if you do a few different types of art and charge differently for each one).

The cap on what you can earn per transaction is 4000 points, which can be withdrawn as 31.05 (that's $50.06). Don't forget that you only get 80% of that! That's 24.84, or $40.05.

This widget is promoting the idea that a piece of artwork can be worth no more than this set amount. If you're trying to earn a basic living from doing commissions, don't use this widget, especially if you plan on spending more than a couple of hours on a piece of commissioned artwork: you'll be earning a lot less than minimum wage, and that is the price level that this widget is promoting to young artists. Personally, I don't think I've ever sold a piece of artwork for less than $100 and I know that deviantART is already rife with people who undersell themselves and each other. This breeds among buyers the opinion that they can get professional quality work for unprofessional prices. It exacerbates the problem that many people in the job offers forum already expect to be able to get full scale pieces of artwork for the price of a few beers.

Let's go back to the 20% 'transaction fee'. Money-handling companies do charge transaction fees generally. Paypal charges a small fee (it's something like 1.4% to 3.4% depending). Oh, and don't forget, if you want to withdraw money from this deviantART commissions widget via Paypal... you'll be paying Paypal fees on top of the 20% cut, apparently. Doesn't seem worth it, does it? Anyway, yes - money-handling companies do charge a small fee. I've already mentioned Etsy and its transaction fee of 3.5%. This, to me, does not sound the same as 20%, and Etsy, especially tailored for selling, offers you a lot more features for your money.

It could be argued that deviantART is a selling platform on which to advertise, but in my opinion, if dA want to charge a transaction fee for commissions (especially a huge one) they want to be guaranteeing that artists will have buyers crawling out of the woodwork all over the place to commission them for art. Advertising on deviantART is extremely difficult (oh, and you can advertise on the site in the form of the banner ads - BUT THAT ALREADY COSTS MONEY) because there is such a large user base and most of them are SELLERS, not buyers. Sure, deviantART offers you a gallery, and more refined features are available in which to display your work and attract people (well... if they even stumble across your gallery in the first place) via Premium Membership - but guess what, Premium Membership costs money too!

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

My advice to you: if you want to do commissions, please learn to write your own contracts, think about minimum wage for the hours you put into your work, and manage your own fee collecting: you'll thank yourself later.

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:

Some people have put forward the worry that deviantART is going to ban people from doing commissions unless it's through this widget. This is a bit of a strawman argument. However, if it does happen... well... :iconstaresplz:

Merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 25, 2012, 2:08 AM
Merry Christmas everyone. :D

So what did you get?


Fur, lace, and far too much work - oh my!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 18, 2012, 7:19 AM
Hey all - how are you doing?

I wish I could be sharing more of what I'm doing currently on dA, but I've basically been informed that we really ought not to while it's in development stage in case our ideas get stolen. Which is fair enough, but a shame!

I sadly have no time for personal art at the moment. At uni, we have to do multiple briefs alongside our main collection - various of these involve live company competitions.

Currently I'm working on a fur brief, a lace brief, a casualwear brief, an accessories/leathergoods brief and my own main collection. :noes:

It's fun but tiring!

Thank you, mystery buyer!!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 21, 2012, 4:06 PM
Well, someone's just bought a 24x36 canvas print of
The End of Humanatee by ToySkunk


I'm honoured - and I have no idea who the mystery buyer is, and while I'm sure you don't want a massive fanfare, I just wanted to say a big thank you in the only way I might be able to get in touch. :D

I really, really hope it turns out exactly how you want it. This has been purchased as an art print before so it's been through dA's quality checks and therefore should be okay.

Just wanted to say thank you :heart:

Can y'do me a favour? Also, resin casting..?

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 7, 2012, 2:23 AM
Firstly, the favour - I would muchly appreciate it if you wouldn't mind voting on my design for this contest:
It's basically a little design app for Jaeger where you pick a t-shirt style then change the colours on it. It's not actually very creative and it made me feel a bit silly as a supposed fashion designer... :lol: But I like the prize so I thought I'd enter. Of course, you guys should enter too! And show me what you make, if you're willing to share your Facebook name with me.

Secondly - does anyone know anything about resin casting? I'd like to make some objects out of resin and I was wondering if anyone had ever made resin jewellery before, or anything like that. I would like to make my own moulds, but the objects I want to make will be quite big. Is it possible to make objects that are large and solid out of resin? Also, I am aware that you can put small objects in resin and suspend them inside... do these have to be light objects? That's mostly what I've seen but I want to know if it's possible to do this with heavier and larger items too.

I have seen that there are some large objects made out of resin but I was wondering if anyone who is more familiar with it has some practical advice. :D Thank you!